The San Francisco-based industrial design student, artist, musician, and skateboarder, Nick Pourfard, taught himself woodworking to tackle his project which he has branded as Prisma Guitars. Combing his multiple talents into one package, Nick builds 100% handmade guitars from reclaimed skateboard decks.

Recently, Pourfard had the honor of building a piece for Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. Pourfard explains, “I took every detail of his playing style and aesthetic into consideration. The bass has an off-white painted alder back with skate top featuring colors as close to West Ham as possible. I laser cut a custom mirror pickguard and bound the whole body in black and white to pay homage to his classic original bass.”

You can donate your own used or broken skateboards to Pourfard before they make their way into the trash via Fubiz.


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